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Water Gets Behind the Gutter
If water is dripping behind your gutter, it’s probably because it was installed without any flashing over the back of the gutter. The gutter apron will prevent the dripping.
A gutter apron is a bent piece of flashing that tucks up under the shingles and over the gutter. Home centers sell a gutter apron in 10-ft. sections. You may have to temporarily remove your hangers as you go, or you can notch out the apron around them. Once the apron’s in place, fasten it with sheet metal screws.

If there’s a drip edge installed where the fascia meets your shingles and the gutter is hung below the drip edge, get some roll flashing and tuck it up under the drip edge and over the top of the gutter. Home centers sell rolls of 6-in. x 10-ft. aluminum flashing. Use tin snips to cut the gutter apron flashing roll in two 3-in. strips. If your gutters are steel, buy steel roll flashing, because galvanized steel corrodes aluminum.
Downspout repair Hinsdale
Flashing repair Hinsdale
It is a challenging job to repair chimney flashing, but by doing it without the help of roofers, a lot of money can be saved. Chimney flashing is usually found under the shingles at a 90 degree angle. It is attached to one side of the chimney and one side on the roof. The only way to repair flashing is to replace it.

Before going up on the roof to do the replacement, it is recommended that measurements are taken around the chimney so that the flashing can be ordered. A sheet metal shop which specializes in roofing can make the replacement much easier. If a metal ship will not be used, then measurements, cutting and bending of the sheet metal must be done before installation. If is extremely important in doing this without professional guidance, to have an exact fit around the chimney and layer correctly to ensure seal against water. If flashing is not replaced when needed or installed correctly, leaks enter the home which causes damage to the roof deck and eventually to the home.

Step 1 - Remove Shingles and Flashing
Begin by removing the shingles which are around the chimney. Shingles can be removed as far down the roof as needed. Since they are getting replaced, it’s a great time to replace any missing ones. Next, take the hammer and pry bar and remove the old flashing and tar. Since flashing is metal, be careful when removing.

Step 2 - Replace Shingles
Make sure to thoroughly clean up all the dirt and debris found. Next, shingle from the bottom up to the chimney with new shingles. Use the water-and-ice barrier to seal it.

Step 3 - Install Base Flashing
The base flashing is installed beginning across the bottom of the chimney and on top of the shingles. Then take pieces of step flashing to seal the sides of the chimney under each individual shingle. It is important to overlap each piece of flashing over the one before it. This ensures that water is redirected over the top of the shingles. Nail the flashing to the roof’s edge about 6 inches away from each other.

Step 4 - Install Front Flashing
Take the front cap flashing and bend it around the front corners of the chimney. This flashing can be pre-ordered to fit when measurements are taken in advance. If not, the flashing will have to be cut 8 inches longer than the width of the chimney. Nail in as well.

Step 5 - Install Side Flashing and Cap Flashing
The side cap flashing must overlap each lower flashing. Use drive-in expanding anchors to fasten the flashing. Take a piece of the cap flashing, bend it to fit around the corner of the chimney and secure to the back of the chimney.

Step 6 - Seal the Cap Flashing
Use polyurethane caulk to caulk along the mortal joint in order to seal the cap flashing.

Now, the chimney has proper flashing preventing no more leaks. Water can do massive damage to a home, but not anymore.

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